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90,000 Mile Service

The 90,000 service marks 90,000 successful miles for your car. The service team here at Bill's Automotive would like to remind you that this doesn’t have to be the time when you feel your car is nearing it’s end. If you bring your car in for it’s 90,000 mile service at our shop we will do an excellent job so that you can keep driving your car for many more years. After 90,000 miles, are you ready to part with your well loved car?

Our service team at Bill's Automotive have been doing the 90,000 mile service on many brands of cars since we opened up our Hartford shop several years ago. We have seen Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges, BMW's, Lexus' and many other brands as well. Each of these cars has their own needs. Most of these are outlined in the owners manual that comes with your car. After 90,000 miles, this document is more like a guide. It takes the experience of a trained service technician to truly understand what has happened with your car and what it needs.

The services that will be carried out at your 90,000 mile service will vary depending on your manufacturers recommendations, and the condition of your car. Some of the common tasks we perform at Bill's Automotive during a 90,000 mile service include:

●    new belts and hoses
●    fluid changes for all systems
●    fuel, oil and air filter changes
●    flushing of the radiator and refill
●    transmission fluid replacement
●    inspection of the suspension and steering components

Those are the basic things that we do for our Hartford customers at their 90,000 mile service. Come by Bill's Automotive to find out what exactly you will need!