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Fast service and comprehensive vehicle inspection while in for routine service. Thank you for the recommendations to properly maintain my car.
Richard D.
The guys at Bill's always look for the best prices on parts and they do a superb job of installation and testing. They are not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for and their service is the best!
Frank S.
Bill's Auto goes above and beyond - always. I would never take my cars anywhere else. They have been working on my cars for over 20 years. Honest and trustworthy. 100% - all the time.
Theresa H.

Services > 30,000 Mile Service

30,000 Mile Service

Your first major service for your car happens at 30,000 miles. The 30,000 mile service mark is your first chance to see how well your car has been maintained. The service team at Bill's Automotive has been doing these types of services in Hartford for years now. We have been trusted to handle models under the brand name of many different cars, such as: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Nissan, Honda, and many others.

This service is the first in a long line of preventative maintenance that meets the needs of your warranty and keeps you car running for years. The Bill's Automotive service team has been doing 30,000 mile services for a long time now and they know what your car will need thanks to their experience. A typical 30,000 mile service will usually include the following, but yours may differ:

  • replace cabin filter (if equipped)
  • change engine air filter
  • change engine oil and filter
  • change transmission fluid (more typical for manual transmissions)
  • rotate tires
  • clean the throttle body
  • flushing the brake, coolant, and clutch lines

What your car will need at it’s 30,000 mile service will vary depending on your past services, the state of your car, and the requirements outlined in your warranty. Come to Bill's Automotive in Hartford for an assessment of what you need to satisfy all three of these factors. We’ll work with you to ensure that your car will stay on the road for another 30,000 miles and well beyond that!