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Fast service and comprehensive vehicle inspection while in for routine service. Thank you for the recommendations to properly maintain my car.
Richard D.
The guys at Bill's always look for the best prices on parts and they do a superb job of installation and testing. They are not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for and their service is the best!
Frank S.
Bill's Auto goes above and beyond - always. I would never take my cars anywhere else. They have been working on my cars for over 20 years. Honest and trustworthy. 100% - all the time.
Theresa H.

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Mercedes Service and Maintenance

When you invested in a Mercedes you made a wise choice. These long lasting luxury cars will serve you in style for years to come. To maximize your investment, come to Bill's Automotive for all your Mercedes repair needs. We’ve been proudly serving the Mercedes community in Hartford for several years now. We’re a trusted name when it comes to Mercedes repair!

No matter where your Mercedes may take you over the years, and no matter how well you treat it, you will inevitably require some repair and maintenance. That’s just the nature of cars - systems wear down and need repair and replacement. The team at Bill's Automotive has the experience that allows them to know what repair your Mercedes will need over the years. That’s how we built our reputation in Hartford - by being the most knowledgeable team in town!

We want to help you maintain the value of your car. The right Mercedes repair service at the right time is what you’ll need to ensure you retain the maximum value. Using the best Mercedes replacement parts is another key strategy that Bill's Automotive employs. You chose the best when you chose a Mercedes Benz, we choose to continue that and install the best parts!

Our use of the latest computer diagnostic equipment keeps us at the cutting edge of Mercedes repair in Hartford. The technicians at Bill's Automotive are well trained in how to use this equipment, ensuring that you get the best Mercedes repair and maintenance work around! Call our friendly support staff today to book the Mercedes repair work that you may need.